Safety & Security

Glass Tinting for Commercial Building Safety

Window tinting enhances safety during break-ins, accidents and severe weather!

Adequate safety and security of commercial buildings calls for proper window protection. Top quality glass tinting from Superior Window Films is a safe and green solution.

It improves window durability, provides a shatter shield for enhanced safety and security during invasion or accidental breakage, as well as reduces up to 83% of your heat gain for significant energy savings. In addition, our preservation window tint offers 100% UVA and UVB elimination for full protection of sensitive objects like artworks.

For over 30 years, Superior Window Films has provided excellent residential, and commercial  tinting services in Halton Region including Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown and Acton, and surrounding areas of Mississauga, Etobicoke and the GTA.

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How does our commercial window tinting increase safety and security?

  • Reduces violent breakage: Architects and designers are opting for aesthetic glass commercial buildings (enhanced with window films) for attractive appearance as well as to maximize day-lighting and conserve energy. However, the more glass your building has the more vulnerable you are to violent break-ins or smash-and-grab attempts.  Our products consist of a heavy-duty polyester window film bonded by special adhesives that is applied to the interior of new or existing glass.  This forms a strong but virtually invisible shield that holds broken glass in place, slowing down burglars and intruders whose main purpose in shattering windows is to gain quick entry.
  • Minimizes accidental injury: Every year people are seriously injured (sometimes killed) by shards of glass or accidentally walking into transparent partitions and doors. Our tough security window film minimizes injury by holding shattered glass in place during accidental breakage. Also, when applied on glass partitions and doors, it reduces the chances of people getting hurt from unknowingly walking into them. You don’t want to jeopardize the safety of your employees, tenants, clients or visitors with unmarked entry ways or during accidental glass breakage. Ask us about applying window tints that will make your premises safer for its occupants.
  • Lowers severe weather damage: In spite of the strict disaster-resistant codes that commercial buildings follow, severe weather including windstorms and hurricanes result in enormous property damage every year. Broken, flying glass is often the major cause of destruction. Glass tinting reduces the amount of damage because the safety and security window film installed by Superior Window Films & Auto-Edge provides the enhanced protection you need. Even if your windows are shattered by high winds, our film will hold glass in place preventing them from becoming lethal weapons. Get-in-touch today!
  • Preserve priceless artworks and possessions: If you have expensive artworks or other highly sensitive objects on your premises a simple solar control window film is just not enough. We carry specially formulated films to preserve delicate items. They have been proven to eliminate 100% of both UVA and UBA rays unlike regular glass tinting which has limited capabilities. Talk to us about protecting your valuable interiors.

Prevent personal injury and property damage by installing our high performance window tint. It not only enhances safety and security  but its proven heat reduction capability preserves interiors and rewards you with significant energy savings.

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