Residential Window Film & Tinting

Home window tinting will change the way you look at the sun!

Superior Window Films offers window tinting that will shield loved ones and your expensive interiors from excessive heat, glare and harmful UV rays, without obstructing your view of the beautiful outdoors.

In addition, these energy efficient residential window films boost your green initiatives. Since they reduce solar heat gain and provide more equitable home temperatures you can lower your energy consumption and utility expenses tremendously.

We have been providing premium residential and commercial glass tinting services for over 30 years.

Our window tint applications will satisfy your taste for style, preserve your furnishings and provide clear view of Mother Nature without the scorching heat.

Request a quote for home window tinting in Halton Region including Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown and Acton, and surrounding areas of Mississauga, Etobicoke and the GTA.

Superior Window Films uses top quality glass tinting  because it offers lasting comfort and month-after-month energy savings no matter which series you choose.

  • Select Series offers remarkable heat rejection, solar protection and energy efficiency for your home.
  • Ceramic Series provides ultraviolet rejection greater than 99% and lowers your cooling requirements tremendously.
  • Traditional Series provides privacy, and its unique combination of green technology and energy-efficiency also prevents temperature variances and hot spots.
  • Security Series minimizes the dangers of glass-shattering and maximizes safety from burglaries.

You can protect your family and home interiors from damaging UV rays, enjoy comfortable temperatures all year round and decrease your utility bills.

Our reputation for seamless service makes us one of the few installers of high performance residential window films.  We use cutting-edge home window tinting application that:

  • Offer a variety of styles and colours that will conform to your home’s interior décor as well as enhance its exterior appearance.
  • Lowers energy consumption by reducing heat gain, cooling requirements and costs.
  • Improves UV protection and lowers the risk of skin cancers.
  • Provides increased safety during breakage.
  • Encourages higher re-sale values.

Installing window tinting through Superior Window Films provides comfort and peace of mind because we are licensed, insured and certified with a proven track record for stellar service.

UV rays not only increase heat and glare levels in your home but have proven to be responsible for some skin cancers. Our first-rate window tinting applications will significantly reduce this risk as well as provide great energy savings.

Happy homeowner Craig was extremely satisfied with our glass tinting and wrote to say “I wanted to let you know that your guys did a fantastic job and we’re thrilled with the results.  I’ve noticed a significant difference already.  Usually on a hot day like this our A/C would be on all day and still not be able to keep up to the heat gain.  It hasn’t even turned on yet and the house is a comfortable 24°C.  Mission accomplished! I will definitely recommend Superior Window Films and pass on your contact information to neighbours and friends.”  

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