Providing Reliable Window Tint Solutions

For dependable window tint services, turn to none other than Superior Window Films in Oakville, ON. We have been providing top-notch window film products and services to various clients for more than 30 years.

Commercial Solar Window Film

Spending hours in an office with large windows and not being able to see the outside environment because the blinds are shut can be disheartening. Our window films block 99% of damaging UV rays that fade interiors. It also deflects uncomfortable glare, improving comfort for office occupants.

Our window film also provides a level of protection from broken glass in the event of a disaster. More than 200 window films are available for professional retrofit on glass surfaces.


Glass Tinting for Commercial Building Safety

Proper window protection is essential to ensuring adequate security of commercial structures. Top-quality glass tinting from Superior Window Films is a suitable solution to protect buildings from break-ins, accidents, and severe weather.

How Our Commercial Window Tinting Increases Safety and Security

Reduces Violent Breakage

The more glass your building has, the more vulnerable you are to violent break-ins or smash-and-grab attempts. Our products consist of a heavy-duty polyester window film bonded by special adhesives that is applied to the interior of new or existing glass. Window tint forms a strong but invisible shield that holds broken glass in place, slowing down burglars and intruders.

Minimizes Accidental Injury

Every year, people are seriously injured or killed by shards of glass or accidentally walking into transparent partitions and doors. Our tough security window film minimizes injury by holding shattered glass in place during accidental breakage. When applied on glass partitions and doors, it reduces the chances of people getting hurt from unknowingly walking into them.

Lowers Severe Weather Damage

In spite of the strict disaster-resistant codes that commercial buildings follow, severe weather including windstorms and hurricanes results in enormous property damage every year. Broken, flying glass is often the major cause of destruction. Even if your windows are shattered by high winds, our film will hold the glass in place.

Preserve Priceless Artworks and Possessions

If you have expensive artworks or other highly sensitive objects on your premises, a simple solar control window film is not enough. We carry specially formulated films to preserve delicate items. They have been proven to eliminate 100% of both UVA and UVB rays, unlike regular glass tinting which has limited capabilities.

Frosted Window Film

Graphic and gradient frosted films are a cost-efficient alternative to etched glass. In addition, these window films offer endless design possibilities to match or complement your commercial interiors.

Why Are Frosted Films a Clear Winner?

  • Achieve the rich look of etched glass for an economical price that’s well within your decorating budget.
  • Frosted film is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of glass, metal, paned, flat or cylindrical surfaces including glass partitions, retail displays, walkways, office doors, conference rooms, and private spaces.
  • Create the look you want. Limitless graphic patterns and special effects bring glamour and sophistication to your commercial space, while gradient film ensures privacy wherever required. Choose your preferred style amongst the hundreds of design choices we have to offer.
  • Custom-cut, spliced, and finished to your specifications, our frosted film will blend in with regular-sized doors, windows, or customized shapes. We will make sure that your frosted film is a perfect fit.
  • Our installations are quick and seamless with minimum interruption to your daily routine.
  • You can remove frosted film without difficulty. This process makes it easier to change company logos and signage in leased spaces. Should you decide that it’s time for a new look, a makeover is quick and easy.
  • Once applied, our frosted film can be cleaned easily with a conventional glass cleaner.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Superior Window Films can save you the expense of replacing glass. We install exceptional anti-graffiti film that can be removed and changed easily and at a much more economical price than having to replace an entire window.


Our anti-graffiti film can be applied on a variety of surfaces including vertical or sloped glass, mirrors, stainless steel, and smooth-painted surfaces. Malls, buses, office buildings, and subways use our incredible window tints for added protection against vandalism.

Our professional installers are quick and meticulous. The window film is installed as a retrofit product, and the project can be completed promptly, both for new installations and replacements. Invest in our durable anti-graffiti film and spare yourself the nightmare of replacing expensive office or store windows.

Residential Window Film and Tinting

Superior Window Films offers window tinting that will shield loved ones and your interiors from excessive heat, glare, and harmful UV rays. Our products achieve this result without obstructing your view of the beautiful outdoors. Some of our product categories include:

  • Select Series offers remarkable heat rejection, solar protection, and energy efficiency for your home.
  • Ceramic Series provides more than 99% of ultraviolet rejection and lowers your cooling requirements tremendously.
  • Traditional Series provides privacy, and its unique combination of green technology and energy efficiency also prevents temperature variances and hot spots.
  • Security Series minimizes the dangers of glass-shattering and maximizes safety from burglary.

Our reputation for seamless service makes us one of the few installers of high-performance residential window films. We use home window tints with varying styles and colors that conform to your homes’ interior and enhance its exterior appearance, encouraging higher resales values.

Happy homeowner Craig was satisfied with our glass tinting and wrote to say, “I wanted to let you know that your guys did a fantastic job and we’re thrilled with the results. I’ve noticed a significant difference already. Usually on a hot day like this our A/C would be on all day and still not be able to keep up to the heat gain. It hasn’t even turned on yet and the house is a comfortable 24°C. Mission accomplished! I will definitely recommend Superior Window Films and pass on your contact information to neighbours and friends.”